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WNL TnT 5 vs 11 Union of Calaquendi and 3 ok akıncıları (Union_... ..._of_Cala/_of_3OA) [5.1.2012, 18:00GMT+0]

31.12.12 13:59 by SotaMursu

WNL match against Union of Calaquendi and 3 ok akıncıları (Union_... ..._of_Cala/_of_3OA) [5.1.2012, 18:00GMT+0]

Maps and factions:

Frosty Battle
Port Assault

Comments: 2

[CANCELLED] WNL TnT vs Deutschritter (DR) [3.12.2012, 17:00 GMT+0]

29.11.12 13:26 by SotaMursu

WNL match against Deutschritter (DR) [3.12.2012, 17:00 UTC+0]

Maps and factions:


  • SotaMursu
  • Bauglir

TnT - Deutschritter

Comments: 0

OM TnT 11 vs 9 Warhammer (WH) [13.10.2012, 17:30 UTC+0]

27.09.12 8:41 by SotaMursu

Official 10v10 20-round match against Warhammer (WH) [6.10.2012, 17:30 UTC+0]

Maps and factions:

Nord Town

  • SotaMursu
  • Lt
  • K2
  • Sonic
  • Jabbe
  • Vivar

Comments: 2

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Disciplinarian - What is this faggotry?

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Disciplinarian - What is this faggotry?

Post  SotaMursu on 04.03.12 7:59

Disciplinarians are members of the clan (or mercenaries/friend clan members) who are willing to help teach things to those who aren't as skilled as them. They have rights to lead training sessions, arrange training sessions (all training is always optional, but of course, recommended) and hold Warrior and Archer trials. They all are skilled players who will know about things, and they can also be Mercenaries. This rank will not give you better chances to participate in clan wars, but it won't replace your rank, it will be an extra rank.

To get training: CLICK HERE

Disciplinarian rank requires you to be somewhat friendly and actively help those who ask you for training.

To become a Disciplinarian: First, you have to reach either God, Demigod, Godlike, Paladin, Ranger or Knight rank (or a mercenary/a member of a friend clan SotaMursu knows is good with either dueling, infantry, archer or cavalry), then fill out the application found here: CLICK HERE, and then get approved by either SotaMursu or Deep.

List of Disciplinaries:

Disciples: AntiHero, Vivar, Omnivore, Ajokoira,
Offering: infantry, archer, cavalry and dueling training
Ingame name: TnT_SotaMursu, TnT_FMB_SotaMursu
Age: born 1994
Clan rank: Master
How often i am online: A lot. I usually have at least my computer on most of the time when i'm playing guitar.
Languages: Finnish, English,
Steam: _sotamursu_
Skype: haxu123

Disciples: Joku (playing on pirate)
Offering: All kinds in need, especially infrantry ones like duelling etc
Ingame name: TnT_Lieutenant, TnT_Lt or TnT_FMB_Lt
Age: born 1995
Clan rank: Paladin
How often i am online: Too often . Last 2 weeks warband played: 72h and other games also.
Languages: Finnish, English, German, Swedish (a bit), Spanish (somehow)
Steam: LtAro
Skype: lt.aro

Disciples: -
Offering: I'd like to answer questions and help out with problems. For training I prefer it on a small scale or even personal training. The most experience I have with dueling and infantry. Besides of that, I could teach you how you should act on servers. (I know since I'm banned from IG Very Happy )
Ingame name: Hmm, something with FMB tag mostly. I have different names, but Dreaon, Biunn, Othras or something with Nere are the most common. For TnT it will always be Othras.
Age: born 1991 Cool
Clan rank: Demonic Ranger
How often i am online: Kinda like Lt Smile Too often . Last 2 weeks warband played: 54h and other games also.
Languages: German (awesome) and English (quite good)
Steam: Othras
Skype: gandoga

Disciples: -
Offering: if you interested in blocking everying what you can meet in melee, using any weapon, you're reading the right sentence. We will not speak how about avoid hits, but you will know how to block every trick in Warband. Suspect
Ingame name: Bloody Mary (FMB, Heroes, TnT tags).
Clan rank: mercenary.
How often i am online: at night.
Language: English.
Steam: bloodymarywarband
Skype: cruelty.free

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do see

Post  Kiraga Kami on 27.03.12 10:02

IF you have any troubles with your sexuality I am here to help
Kiraga Kami
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