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WNL TnT 5 vs 11 Union of Calaquendi and 3 ok akıncıları (Union_... ..._of_Cala/_of_3OA) [5.1.2012, 18:00GMT+0]

31.12.12 13:59 by SotaMursu

WNL match against Union of Calaquendi and 3 ok akıncıları (Union_... ..._of_Cala/_of_3OA) [5.1.2012, 18:00GMT+0]

Maps and factions:

Frosty Battle
Port Assault

Comments: 2

[CANCELLED] WNL TnT vs Deutschritter (DR) [3.12.2012, 17:00 GMT+0]

29.11.12 13:26 by SotaMursu

WNL match against Deutschritter (DR) [3.12.2012, 17:00 UTC+0]

Maps and factions:


  • SotaMursu
  • Bauglir

TnT - Deutschritter

Comments: 0

OM TnT 11 vs 9 Warhammer (WH) [13.10.2012, 17:30 UTC+0]

27.09.12 8:41 by SotaMursu

Official 10v10 20-round match against Warhammer (WH) [6.10.2012, 17:30 UTC+0]

Maps and factions:

Nord Town

  • SotaMursu
  • Lt
  • K2
  • Sonic
  • Jabbe
  • Vivar

Comments: 2

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TnT in a nutshell

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TnT in a nutshell

Post  SotaMursu on 04.02.12 13:17

TnT is a casual clan founded in 2010 by SotaMursu and Swarz, and now led by SotaMursu and Deep. You won't be kicked from inactivity, you aren't forced to participate in any clan trainings or clan wars. Though, if you practice, you will most likely be better than those who don't practice, so by participating in clan practice you will gain higher priority when i choose who will get to play in the clan wars. Even though the clan originates from finland, and majority of the clan is finnish/serbian/baltic, the clan is international, i don't care who you are, as long as you aren't an ******* and you understand these sentences: "wanna play?", "follow me", "retreat", "lolzorz u n00b trololol".

The clan does not force you to use clan tag, except in clan wars and some events.

Examples of thing's our clan might do (only mount & blade listed):
- duel tournaments
- clanwars
- naked invasion to a random server (naked + 2h, no shield)
- pw mod things
- vikingr things
- full invasion
- training

All of the above are all optional. If you don't want to, you don't have to. If you want to do some of these, just ask and if you get enough support in the clan it will most likely be arranged.

Clan forums: http://tntclan.palstani.com/
Clan roster: http://tntclan.palstani.com/t6-tnt-players-roster-straight-from-chernobyl

1. steam or skype (preferably skype)

Optional requirements:
1. 1337h4xpr0-skillz
2. skype (if you want to join the clan chat (text only), and/or clan calls (voice chat where those who are currently playing can communicate together with smoke signals microphones)
3. sense of humour (can be replaced with ignoring abilities and the ability to use "do not disturb" mode)
4. non-helium voice (to use voice chat without making other members ears bleed)
5. brains (can be useful in some rare occasions)
6. ability to speak english. (if you understand nothing, you are most likely only a reserve player in clanwars)

The clan isn't restricted to mount & blade, but you should come and ask people about the games they have personally in the clan chat. You are welcome to even simply come chat and plan trollraids on twilight forums.

To join (step by step walkthrough!):
1. add haxu123 on skype or _sotamursu_ in steam
2. tell him you're interested in joining the ranks of the powerful, the almighty TnT!

1. Fill out the application http://tntclan.palstani.com/t31-applications-joining-the-clan
2. And wait for approval.

I don't have anything against multiclaning. (Many TnT are also playing with Heroes) Just tell me you also join their clan, and when TnT fights against your other clan or if we happen to participate in ENL, you simply play with the clan you like more. Simple enough?

To try your luck against the powerful, the almighty TnT in a clan war, add haxu123 in skype and we'll see when your puny clan can be anally penetrated... ...with an awlpike...

And if you have some other ideas, that you want to arrange and invite us to the event, add haxu123 in skype or _sotamursu_ in steam

We currently have a new "disciple" system, in which the experienced players teach the less experienced players some techniques and give them tips and practice. More info here: http://tntclan.palstani.com/t33-disciplinarian-what-is-this-faggotry

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